3S Deals Outdoor Tools Multifunction Tool Kit

Multifunction Tool Kit

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Don't be caught without the right tool! With this keychain multi-tool you can be better prepared for anything life throws your direction.  Includes all the goodies shown in the pictures, and attaches right to your keychain so you CAN'T LOSE IT!!

What's more?  How about it will make you the most popular person in your group because they will all need your help at some point and when they see this stylish yet functional multi-tool there will be no doubt you're the most awesome person around!

Order today before they are gone! 

SATISFACTION GUARANTEED- If for ANY reason you are not satisfied with your purchase at 3S Deals, we have a no-hassle money-back guarantee.  We will happily work with you to replace the item, or refund your money.  It's your choice.  Just shoot us a message and we will take care of the problem, no crazy hoops to jump through.

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