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Stainless Micro-USB Charging Cable

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So there we were, holding another charging cable that the dog chewed through...how many times does this have to happen?  Well, we said no more!  Take a look at the most durable cable on the planet (maybe NASA has something better?).  This solves two problems.  One, normal wear and tear isn't an issue anymore.  The stainless steel casing protects the internals, and makes it virtually impossible to break with normal usage.  Two, pets won't be able to chew through this anymore.  And if they find a way, you might need a new pet :)

  • Introducing The Most Durable Cable on Planet Earth.
  • People Proof, Animal-Pet Proof, 99.9% Damage Proof.
  • Virtually Unbreakable Stainless Micro-USB Charging Cable.

For ANDROID or Compatible Devices ONLY. 

For iOS click here: https://3sdeals.com/products/firewirecable

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